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Cigni di bellini Modica

The Bellini's harmonies reveal themselves on the scores of chocolate masters: the Cigni di Bellini were born in Modica, true symphonies of taste. The idea came from the meeting between the director of the orchestra Luigi De Giorgi and our chocolate master Giuseppe Rizza, to praise Bellini during the feast of the patron saint of the city Sant'Agata.
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The Cigni di Bellini are the real answer to Viennese Mozart's "balls" and become a new way of revampe Modica’s chocolate, not in a simple bar, but in an elegant and delicate way like the composer's musical style. Awaken your senses through a journey of music and taste. A small black diamond to which the most noble flavors of Sicily come together and to all the authenticity of the chocolate of Modica.

Bellini's music as well as the flavor of our chocolate are universal, so the project aims to promote the taste of Made in Sicily and the music of Catania's genius, today the initiative is a pride of our business. The chocolates are packaged in an elegant “ Sinfonie di gusto” box, each swan takes the name of one of the master's symphonies; each chocolate is, in fact, matched to one's own work also for taste.
Taste them one by one, choose between: Bianca e Ferdinando with Sicilian almonds; Pirata with sultana and Passito di Pantelleria; Zaira with essences of jasmine and green tea; Capuleti and Montecchi with sale di Trapani; Norma with its tender mix between Modica's chocolate and Bronte pistachio; Puritani, praline with citrus fruits of Sicily; Beatrice di Tenda with fennel and Limon peels; Sonnambula for a sweet awakening with the aroma of coffee and Marsala.
Discover the various combinations of taste and visit our shop area !!!
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