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Modica’s artisan chocolate

Famous all over the world and appreciated for its uniqueness Modica's artisan chocolate has a unique aroma, a crumbly texture, a rough look. The color is dark, defined the black gold of Modica, made with an ancient technique dating to the sixteenth century, during the Spanish domination. It was the Hispanics who imported the first cocoa beans into the island and introduced product processing into the Modica County, after had known the potential and economic value of the food.

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The almost cold working max 40 °, allows not to dissolve the sugar crystals that give it the rough and grainy texture; this technique also allows the product to maintain its organoleptic characteristics. By eliminating the "concaggio" phase, the cocoa components remain unaltered as well as the original aroma. In our laboratory, this ancient technique is still handed down from generation to generation. The ingredient dosage complies with old techniques and strict controls to keep the quality of our chocolate unaltered.
Modica's chocolate can be tasted in several flavors: vanilla, one of the most appreciated spices for its delicate but persistent aroma; granulated Sicilian pistachio that gives the chocolate crispness and intense flavor; sale di Trapani, a chocolate dedicated to the sea, a succession of sweet, bitter and salty; cinnamon, a very fragrant aroma that recall warm atmospheres; with chili, the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.
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